About Me

What a mug.

Cody Martin

My name is Cody Martin. If you’ve come to this page, you were either looking up information on a Disney channel character, or you’re possessed of such good taste, intelligence, and class that you want to find out more about the real Cody Martin! I’m betting on the second one, for sure.

I’m a professional writer, occasional climbing instructor, and full-time geek. I’ve done some other things in the past, and I hope to do a whole lot more in the future.

Besides writing, most of my time and thoughts are occupied with travel, learning, and what I’m going to do once I grow up.

This is my personal website, which will mostly be used to update what writing I’m doing, conventions, trips I’m taking, the odd rants and raves, and whatever else really strikes my fancy at any given moment.

What I’m Doing Now:

  • Co-authoring The Secret World Chronicle
  • Writing fantastical short stories, novels, and other tales
  • Getting ready to enact my plot for world domination. There will be cookies.

What People Are Saying About Me:

Martin’s writing is easygoing and comfortable, his characters well rounded and personable“–John Ottinger III